The guy you see on this picture, is a guy I met in Venice, Italy on the 13th of april. I asked him if he spoke English and he told me he did a little bit, after that I asked him if I could take a picture of him cause I like taking black and white pictures of stranger and he seemed so interesting! After I agreed I made a picture and I awkwardly thanked him. I got back to my friends when I suddenly realized I don’t know his name! This is a big deal cause I don’t know what’s about him that’s making me wonder who he is. So now, I’m praying to the Tumblr Gods to help me! I hope someone will see this and may know him..  I know it’s not a lot of info but I heard him speak Italian, I guess he was there with his family and the picture was taken in Venice. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY STRANGER.

Timestamp: 1397989003

So I have this friend, that only talks to me when he/she is in wanting to talk to me.

So if I ask something he/she ignores me completely…

Why am I still wasting my time?